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Times of Oman Open Quiz has new logo

MUSCAT:  A new page in the chequered history of Times of Oman Open Quiz contest was written. The 2013 edition of the contest now has a new logo adding perceptible impact identity to an event which people, across spectrum, wait with baited patience through out the year. The new logo of the 17th edition of the Times of Oman Open Quiz contest, scheduled for Friday, November 1,2013 at the City Amphitheater, has breathed in the changes it has been making on its journey.

Describing the logo, Adonis Durado, design director, MPPH said, "We wanted a logo that looks symbolically cohesive, clean and offers flexibility. An effective logo is something that when you see it at first glance, you'd be able to know what its trying to convey — and I think we're able to achieve this in our new official logo, where the letter Q (for quiz) is a composite of the images of the human head and the question mark symbol."

The new logo is unique in its symbolism carefully designed to make the event more visible and create universal understanding of the objectives. In Muscat, the event has assumed greater significance than just another quiz contest. It is a festival of knowledge and wit. The new logo accurately defines exactly that.

About the format of this year's quiz, quizmaster Giri 'Pickbrain' Balasubramaniam says, "I have a theory on this. While people resist change in normal life, quizzers love it. They are a tribe that relishes the unknown. So there will be new elements."

With the quizmaster who is known for his unique style, lateral-thinking and out-of-the-box approach, the show is expected to enthrall more than 5,000 quiz buffs in the city.

"I must share that my team has great respect for the quizzing audience of Muscat and they take a lot of time to prepare this quiz given the fact that it is open to all and draws a huge audience," says Giri.

The true takeaway of Times of Oman quiz shows is not the question Giri brings, it's the way teams crack it. "Most of our questions are workable and all our questions are strictly from what has been available in public domain and not from books that only quizmaster's read, so the challenge really is about "can you work your way through", says Giri.

Times of Oman believes the contest is an extraordinary event for the parents to bring their children to. It sets an aspiration in them and can make them appreciate knowledge. These forums act as very strong catalysts for kids to pick up new interests. In the world we live in, knowledge is going to be the differentiators in future and for children it is not about winning but to learn to appreciate information that is more important.

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